Videos of The Jerk Rope at Work

The BIG JERK TOW ROPE at work in Stratford Tx. All day every day.

The MINI JERK TOW ROPE Testing the Mini..result..impressive..

Road Grader stuck? Not with the Big Jerk!

The Jerk Rope connects with chains, straps or cables for recovering stuck vehicles.

Big Jerk tow rope vs stuck JD motor grader, wow what a pull !!

Big Jerk and D6 - Barely even a challenge

Big Jerk in the silage field amazing!!!

Big Jerk tow rope vs Semi in the field!

Two D6 CATS Tug-o-war and could not break the Big Jerk tow rope.

This is how we use The Jerk Rope!! The Jr. Jerk in action.


Getting it done with The Big Jerk Tow Rope !!

Big Jerk Tow Rope does it again!!!

These heavy haul guys are loving The Jerk Rope!!

Big Jerk Tow Rope saving the day!


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