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Breakage is the #1 Danger of Using Tow Ropes in the Mining Industry

A lot of power will be be created with whatever towing device you use. The immediate shock to the towing device places it under tremendous stress and risks breakage. When it breaks, the rest of the device can become a dangerous and deadly projectile potentially causing severe damage to equipment including:

  • Broken Windshields

  • Punctured Tires

  • Damaged Bumpers, Hoods, and Side Panels

While damage to equipment as the result of breakage is problematic, the risk of personal injury is an even more important consideration. The same projectiles which damage equipment can cause serious bodily harm to employees, bystanders, and you and/or your family. Common injuries include:

  • Severe Abrasions and Bruising

  • Broken Bones

  • Loss of Limbs

  • Death

The Jerk Rope shock absorbing links are the best way to significantly reduce the sudden stress on chains, ropes, and straps that lead to breakage to create a safer, more effective towing environment.

Recover stuck vehicles safely and quickly.